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February 20, 2011


I dream of having my breakfast with a red squirrel, says Prince Charles

(Thanks to Matt Filar)

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(Thanks to funny man)


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Great, the country is broke and Prince Jug-ears is spending millions to save a squirrel. I think Camilla could do better for a breakfast companion.

Lady, a squirrel who was, well, a lady, used to come by our kitchen window AC. She'd press her nose to the glass to see if we were home, then jump up and down until we saw her.
My youngest daughter who was about 5 at this time, would take a peanut to the door. Lady would stick her nose in when the door opened, take the nut from Cathie's fingers, and go out on the deck rail to eat and sunbathe.
I was grilling out on the deck one day. I looked over to the rail. There was Lady, stretched out sound asleep less than five feet away from me.
I hadn't even put any food out.

Nooooo thank you, nutboy.

My thoughts exactly, Loudmouth.

I'd rather have breakfast with a squirrel than with Camilla.

Now wiredog! That's funny not nice. Kudos to Dave for being classy.

I guess I read it wrong. Here I thought Chuck was going to have Granny Clampett cook him up some squirrel for vittles.

Camilla? You mean the Royal Mount?

*pad's comment conjures up audio images of Gene Autry singin' "Back in the Saddle, Again ... " ... Dang ... I hate it when that happens!*

Perhaps the future King of England should live on Nutley street...

He should ride the trains regular and sell the Jag...

There is a relation to King George in that family..............

But the environmentalism is cool..

As an appetizer or an entree?

Here O the U, I'll get that ear worm outta there for you:

"I got spurs
That jingle jangle jingle....."

Prince Charles was alas, confused, again.

He meant the British version of Red Bull, called
Red Squirrel.

It drives you nuts as well as hyper-ventilation.

I am eternally grateful that Chuck and Camilla did not have the opportunity to reproduce.

What big, cute fuzzy ears. On the squirrel, I mean.

Tnx, pad' ... I needed that ...

about as much as I need an examination of my financial status ... (I actually KNOW I'm broke ... don't need to pay sumbuddy to tell me that ... )

I dream of having my breakfast with a beaver red squirrel, says Prince Charles

That Prince is one wild and cra-a-a-zy guy!

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