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February 28, 2011


Goat bagpipes.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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Was that a goat?

(I'm going to be very unhappy if it turns out that's a geezer bus quote.)

That was really, truly creepy Dave.

And yes, Goat Bagpipes WBAGNFARB.

He truly got My goat!

No, Really, that looks exactly like my goat!

Folk music is so interesting and demonic.

The is just creepy beyond words. I was inclined to ask who in their right mind would manufacture such an instrument, but I am terrified of what the answer might be.

Actually, in the Balkans, the bagpipes are made from a goat's bladder.... but not with the goat still attached. EEwwww! Maybe if we got our groceries this way we'd all go vegan immediately.

"Were you playing bagpipes?"
"Nope. Just eating beans."

I love the bagpipes especially when they are being played by good looking men in kilts. Those, not so much.

Basically, every culture that has goats has invented bagpipes. This guy is just reminding us where they come from.

At least the mouthpiece was at the goat's head.

Someone call the SPCA...oh right it's Shcotlund...

Well you wouldn't want a perfectly good goatskin go to waste now would you?

That clip should put Scottish tourism in the tank for years.

As if playing the bagpipes wasn't cruelty enough...

I get to see the Chieftains this week playing the uillann pipes, which were the actual final product of the bagpipe design process. Scotland purchased the earlier defective prototypes when Ireland offered them 40% off retail.

Goat bagpipes don't get you horny, nc?

mrs. p. and I were in Edinburgh once and every other block there was a piper in full regalia playing for donations. I said to me wife, I did, "Isn't it lovely how they've taken all the homeless folks in Scotland and issued them all bagpipes?"

I saw the Chieftains at Symphony Hall several years ago. They are amazing.

padraig is right - Erin kicked those early pipes to the curb, and the Scots trashpicked them. Uillann pipes are superb, hagpipes are wretched things.

Have fun, padraig. Met a couple members of the Chieftains at Durty Nelly's near Limerick years ago. They were marvelous and bought me a pint. My Irish buddy was awestruck and gobsmacked. I just thought they were cool.

Annie I am green with envy, plus a couple of dubious pints. A pint with the Chieftains at Durty Nelly's? You just gave me an Eiregasm.

Closest I came to being this jealous was when my old choirmaster told me she went to Seamus Heaney's St. Pat's party in Boston.

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