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February 27, 2011


Mice baldness reversed

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I believe Mice Baldness toured with Ozzy Osbourne.

And then they immediately killed the mice. Didn't wait to see if the hair fell out again, replaced by leprocy? Or anything?

Side effects may include extreme combovers and death by lab scientists.

Good, because Micky's comb-over was just plain embarassing.

Speaking as one of the follically-challenged, I don't really care if the hairy mice get all the girls. I've never thought that much of girl mice, anyway.
So, there. Pbbbbbbst!

well good. but you realize it will put the mouse toupee people out of jobs!

I don't mind baldness. I just wear a cat on my head.

But since that's not an option for the mice...

Good news for James Carville, but little comfort for us humans.

*Geezer alert*

There's an old joke with a punchline about a bald mouse....
Think shower scene in "Porky's"......

Least, I THINK it was "Porky's"

*Shuffles back onto Geezermobile*

Just keep the tail out of my eyes.

I think this has been around for a while; I seem to remember some classical music called "Night on Bald Compound" by Mouse Orgy.

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