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February 21, 2011


Drunken police officers have been filmed stripped to the waist and dancing on their patrol car - causing police bosses in Russia to launch an investigation.

(Thanks to djtonyb)


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Vodka was involved, I suppose.

At least there were no violations of the penile code.

Stick to donutskis.

Check the date: February 2.

I know some of us (ahem) sent this in back then.

So are the copski's now on unemploymentski?

I wonder where they put their badge?

Boring...wrong half naked.

Cop Rock moving violation. Just-as-scary-bad.

You DO realize that the concern, from the Russian
authorities, is the DANCING, don't you?

Russian law states no one is allowed to express joy or
spontenaitety (Yes, sic) unless the President or Premeir are present.

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