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February 28, 2011


Why Did Burma's Leader Appear on TV in Women's Clothes?

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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The tiger outfit was taken...


some pols are such a drag.

Was it Casual Friday?

... because they can?

It's pretty warm in Burma, but some like it hot.

Must be holding tryouts for the powderpuff cheerleaders squad.

Didn't Hillary Swank wear that last night?

When Than Shwe of Rangoon
Wears a skirt and boys swoon
That's yadaya.

I think Charlie Sheen should host the Oscars next year.

Cheesewiz - in his mind, he already has.

I think Jeff Myerson was right last night - I think they should give Sandra Bullock a shot.

It was a yadada attempt to ward off a visit by Hilary Clinton.

Also known as "the Tootsie Gambit", they plan to go undercover in women's rest rooms and see what really goes on there. Or maybe they took too much soy? and were feeling/freeing their female "warrior"...

Sounds like surviving that regime could be a close shave.

But weren't they calling the place "Myanmar" for a while?

There used to be a lot of these type of guys down in the Tenderloin in SF (transvestites I mean, not Burmese generals).

Maybe they are just kinky?

The stars' effect
On Burma's strong
The men cross-dress
Is that sarong?

If silky legs
Are what they crave
They really should
Use Burma Shave.

Kadafi's been doing this for years.

Are we going to get all excited now every time a national leader makes an absolute fool of himself ?

What's sarong with that?

Probably just wanted to unleash his Burmeses python?

In any case, ewwww

Good point, cindy - MoMo really works that dress look.

He was hoping to be on the red carpet last night, but got bumped by some other skank.

Who's sari now?

Tim Gunn noted that Shwe's divine sarong was justh magic.

*applauds Ford79*

snork @ Ford and wolfsong

Slogan from 1952:
Back home, by golly
Shaved his chin
And is now know as Molly
He wears a sarong
And lipstick
His skins so smooth
and he sings a song
thanks to Burma-Shave

The leader of Germany has worn women's clothing in public for years--and the so-called "media" do nothing.

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