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February 16, 2011


Several Volusia County Sheriff's deputies were called out to Timbercrest Elementary School Tuesday morning after a school official noticed a student was holding what seemed to be a $1 million bill.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Is our teachers learning?

Reminds me of a story a while back re a guy got arrested for adding a few zeros to a check given to him for some yardwork. Check was for 10.00 and he did a little pencil work and made it 1,000,000.00 Needless to say it did not work and did not look all that good either, however it did prove there are idiots among us.

So, who's going to sue whom over this?

they called the sherriff? really? they thought the bill "might be in circulation?" really? these are teachers? i mean college degreed type adult people? really? are our tax dollars working?

oh, and "won't somebody think of the children?"

That's going to get a lot of school lunches and smelly pencils/pens.

I think we can all be glad that multiple tasers weren't used on children. Well, at least those of us who aren't the teachers who called the cops.

This is scary. I'm beginning to think some of our teachers are not up to par. I'll bet the lunch lady had a terrible time giving the kid change back from a $1,000,000.

just think if he had pulled out a 'Go Directly to Jail' card


Apparently not.

Malinowski said the bills don't even remotely look real.

Granted, it is only a photo, but it looked real to me. But I have never seen the real thing.

I did see one once that had (Imelda) Marcos on it.

Betting they were flushed.

I really want to know why this is considered news.

A Google search might help the teachers.


Seen it before. It's a religious tract.

Your (not you're) school administrators at work...

R edumacation sistym is N wers shape than I thot!

The US Doofus Reserve Bank aka Timbercrest school with a branch at the Sheriff's Department.

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