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February 20, 2011


Keep looking.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Blog guys, if you stare at those pictures too long you'll go blind.

Fairly nice looking woman until you realize that her hips have their own gravitational field. Has anyone actually asked her if there are rings around Uranus?
What is this E! of which they speak? Someone mentioned it to me once, but Spongebob sounded more intelligent.

This is why I don't watch cable TV.

Yow, taking bumps to the bank.

I am rather pop culture illiterate. I just found out in the last month or so about the existence of the Kardashians. However, for all my web searching, I still can't find out why they got their own reality show and became famous in the first place. Was it because of their dad and stepdad?

Also, and this is a bit off topic, but how do I get notified of comments left for a certain blog entry, especially if it's a blog entry for which I have also left comments? Is it possible, or do I just need to keep checking back to the blog site? Would one of you please email me and let me know? Thank you. DavidsHarp@NetZero.Net

Sharon, just check back like the rest of us do.

She (Kim) became "famous" (so to speak) by "accidentally" leaking a sex tape she made, basically.

Sex tape?

Why wuz I not informed?!?!?!?!

... um ... Really? I did not know that ... (good thing, too ... MB(RH?) has been tolerant all these years, but that'd prolly go beyond certain limits ... )

Dear Jeff,

Why did leaking a sex tape make her famous? It seems in this day and age, that is a popular thing to do, but not everyone who does it becomes a star.

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