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February 28, 2011


A painting of a large penis on a bridge in Russia's second city St Petersburg has been dropped from the shortlist for an art prize, the organizers said.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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St. Petersburg just missed its chance,
to prove Russia more arty than France.
The French boast of their Eiffel,
but it's just a trifle,
The Russkis you know at a glans.

Man, I've been on the 'short' list all of my life, and never before heard it called a good thing.

What the article doesn't tell you is that it is on a draw bridge. Goes up. Then down. Then up....

The French judge doomed it with a 5.4.

The picture, which was washed off by firefighters
Tranny bridge.

Big deal. Practically every bridge in this country has something similar spray painted on it.

Brett Favre has suffered enough persecution. At least let his artwork stand tall.

The art was hung well, or vice-versa.

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