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February 27, 2011


This year I had a slightly different gig.



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Instead of jokes you're writing tall tales?

I would rather be where you are now, Dave. Anybody can go to the Oscars but not many people can be a Master of Ceremonies. Especially when it's for such a wonderful cause. I just hope you don't turn to your left while the tall guy turns to his right. That could be embarrassing, iykwimaityd.

Need some sequins on that jacket to go with the cuffs.

The weather looks nice. I'll trade ya.

After your MC stint in North Dakota, you know better than to come north in the winter. Your BBF in the stilts would do OK in our snow, though. This is a WAY better use of your time than the Oscars.

Looks like Dave's reliving his college days again. Don't forget to de-tox, Dave!

It's probably me, but I'd be happier where you are. Let's see. Outside. All dressed up. Standing next to a tall guy........

No, never mind. Oscars and cleavage might be a whole lot better.

Just keep the sound muted, since you ain't writing.

Dave Barry, Fashionisto.

Honey, I shrunk the humorist.

I can't tell If Dave's really short in this picture, or if he's reallllly far away....

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