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February 24, 2011


The West Michigan Whitecaps baseball team is allowing Web site visitors to vote on potential ballpark menu items including bologna lollipops.

You can vote here. This blog is urging everyone to get aboard the bologna lollipop juggernaut.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Walking Spaghetti GMV - everything else looks like barf
(i <3 veggies butt those look boring)

'duck hog frog dog' partial vote jes b'cuz it IS so fun to say

I was tempted to go for the 'meat man parfait,' but did the blog's bidding.

I can't believe I'm the first to point out that Bologna Lollipop Juggernaut WBAGNFARB.

Voted for the bolollipop but we're second to last at this point.

I'm sticking to the Sonoran Dog, but the bacon burger on a Honey Bun looks like a winner.

OOH, fried bologna! I haven't thought about that in years and years. Mainly because, even though I am the cook in the family, my wife likes this new-fangled thing called "nutrition".
Nobody could fry up bologna like my mother.
Come to think of it, I only know one way. The recipe is pretty simple.
It's got my vote!

Sorry to be such a spoil sport. I voted for the veggies.

The burrito offends me.

Meat Lollipop? Is that like a "tube steak smothered in underwears"?

You would, nursecindy. But think of it this way, the other stuff guarantees you an income. I wouldn't go all the way to a baseball game to eat hummus and veggies, tasty though they may be. That would be like buying one of Yankee Stadium's five buck apples.


Did your mother employ the three-incisions method of bologna prep to stop the finished product from frying into a cup shaped meat vessel?

I had a "friend" who put ketchup on his bologna. He must be frying in hell by now.

I'm not voting until they add deep-fried butter (not making it up, either) to the list.

Yes, my mother used the incision method with very little oil, just a swipe.
Ketchup on bologna, or much of anything else, offends. That's about all I agree with the French about.
My mother also served fried Spam. My memories of that are less favorable.
In her last decade, my mother was blind but insisted on living alone while able.
It made dinner "special" every night. Chef surprise!
To all of you with mothers: yes, I ate it when I visited and I liked everything.
I also insisted on taking her out to dinner. I did not take over her kitchen.

I've been eating bologna lollipops all my life. It's called a HOT DOG. And I love it in either form. Heavy on the mustard.

"Get on board a bologna lollipop?"
Be aFreud. Be very a-Freud.

One of the best ways to eat fried bologna is to let it curl up onto a cup and pop a big scoop of mashed potatoes into it then broil some cheese over the top. Man food.

The Whitecaps are not far from me. Once the season starts and it's warm enough to sit outside (separate months here in West Michigan) I will go there and do a food report.

Walking Spaghetti for me.

The Fifth Third Ball Park needs to rearrange its name. Then they can forget about the food and vote on the whiskey.

I'm guessing Michelle Obama wasn't consulted.

Sad to say the Bologna Lollipop Juggernaut is sinking like the Titanic, despite my vote.

And yes, as a kid one of my favorite sandwiches was fried bologna on white bread.

Ketchup? Cheesewiz, your friend is a barbarian...but you knew that.

Looks like cindy's veggies leads the way, closely followed by Meat Salad.

There isn't any veggies in baseball.

I voted for Sonoran Dog. Very tasty.

Ever tried curry ketchup? I use it in my meatloaf, but still put a thick coat of regular ketchup on the outside.

OK, meatloaf and french fries are just about the only exceptions to the ketchup rule.
Ketchup on hotdogs or hamburgers are a big sin, violating the Eleventh Commandment. I added that one personally after going to BK one day and finding they'd replaced the "special sauce" (tarter, I think) on the burgers.

Oh man....do I remember fried bologna sammiches!! YUMMO!! My Mom would let it curl up a bit, a bit of mayo on white bread.

There was a choice for veggies?? hmmm...

I voted for the bologna but the Sonora dog was a close second. I recently tasted my first bacon-wrapped hotdog...O.M.G.!

*adds n to Sonora*


My wife taught our sons to put ketchup on hot dogs for which I will never forgive her.

These issues are so much more than condimentary.

Ketchup goes on hamburgers; mustard goes on hot dogs. Period.

I was going to vote for The Big O but I was afraid I'd be disappointed.

Here, here bonmot.

bon, I put mayo on both ;P

Mayo is the great American soul food.
My daughter puts mayo on french fries, ranch dressing on everything else. Including pizza, as I found out last night.
Before the nutrition police haul me off, she's 27 years old, 5 feet 3 inches, and weighs about 105.

I voted for the bangers and mash.

Er....I mean I would have....

It was hard not to vote for the meat salad.

My wife was taught, she says, to cook bologna cups with poached eggs in the middle, in home-economics class. I don't whether to believe her or not.

Thanks, but I think I'll just stick with their current
Fifth Third Burger
. 4,800 calories and 300 fat grams of yummy.

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