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February 21, 2011


Or we would have, if this ever happened.


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Wow. 1985. I was like . . . a lot younger then.

*SMACKS* bonmot. I've never seen this article before! Another new favorite. However, I have a feeling if Dave ever took off in the Space Shuttle they would have to turn it around and clean it up before they could actually enter space.

As long as Dave remembers the one quart resealable plastic bags it's a go, cindy.

Every time I read "Camp Sharparoon" I laugh.

Any chance they could launch a few Kardashians into space? Just make sure the shuttle returns to Florida, not California. We don't want them back.

I marvel at how Dave got away with discussing the aiming abilities (or lack thereof) of his young son. I caught holy h*ll when I disclosed in print that my son watched Scooby Doo. And I'll probably catch it again for writing it here. Some family members don't respect the creative process.

The answer to the bathroom question, and many other questions, is available in Mary Roach's book, Packing for Mars:The Curious Science of Life in the Void.

Annie, they could land in the desert at Edwards and then leave the Kardashians there, they would never find their way out. Or they could just leave them at the space station.

I've been to Edwards AFB several times. To any Kardashians reading this: It is a lovely place with lots of shopping and sunshine. I highly insist suggest you move there immediately.

I forgot something. I found this to be pretty interesting. Dave, can you explain the term, "Official Home Of The Watermelon Baby"?

The Russians are going to be the only ones taking people to the space station for a while. Any journalist who wants to go now has to get beaten up and shot first.

Amazing how Dave have the foresight to write this in 1985 for later posting in his then non-existant blog. This is like a time-capsule, only with toilet jokes.


a premature eblogulation

One small step for man, one giant leap for blogkind...

I am concerned about what would happen if you put the Kardashian's in the middle of the desert. Extreme heat, unrelenting sun and all that silicone could lead to something resembling the original A-bomb test.

I'm sure there a Mars trip coming up... Survivor: Mars Journey. Imagine Dave AND the Kardasians.

oops -- taking it back, taking it back.

Who would you guys want to fly to Mars with?

Great column! I don't remember this one, either. I wish Dave or Judi would put together a book of columns that haven't made it into a book before. I think most of us would buy it :)

If you don't find the Kardashians' in FL, CA, or In the Space Station, maybe you could send them to ND. No photographer in their right mind would come here to take a picture of anything. We'd never see them again!

I have a friend who lives near the DB Lift, but,I imagine the wolves will get her sooner or later. There is an internet-spread pic of a coyote killing a deer on the 4th hole of the Fargo Golf course. IAMNMTU)

I'm still trying to get OUT of this state, but my Birthplace, online, claims I never existed, my HP Chinese printer decides to print in Chinese. And since it's a Govt. Holiday, virtually no one is working that I need information from! Meanwhile it is still below zero.

Thanks for the humor, Dave. Gotta get outta this state...

Didn't unearthly celery open for the Troggs back in 71?

Hysterically funny. I would personlly pay a large sum of money to launch Dave into space. Assuming, of course, that we get him back...he is far to valuable a humour resource to let him go...

What's this got to do with 24?

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