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February 18, 2011


If you're a fan of The Office, and have time to watch last night's episode, you might see something vaguely familiar. The first appearance is at the 6:30 mark.

Update: Actually, that appears to be the only appearance.


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I see it! Steve Carell has the RBR's gold record award up on his office wall!

yay, dave! i saw it, & it made me laugh ;)
(that's what she said)

Endorsed by The Office.

Is that good?

HAH! You're on national TV!! Toot away, Mr. Blog...toot away!

I saw that last night too. You'd think Michael Scott would have better jokes, if he's been reading Dave!

I'm thinking that the subliminal message is that Dave is going to become the new boss.

SNORK! I've just returned this morning to my office after a couple of days away, and went through my DB calendar backlog, too.

Not to be outdone, I forgot to post that Mr. Mullet himself was mentioned in an L.A. Times article about his girlfriend last week. Apparently, their apartment is THE place to be, come Friday nights. They host soirees for those hip folks of L.A. - of course, *I've* never been, but it was in my newspaper. I didn't recognize Ted in the picture, if he was in it, but it looks and sounds like fun.

I'm tooting right now!

Yes! A major shoutout! I was thrilled! It made my day.
P.S. My ward attendant is a big fan also.

Horn footing is better than being horn swoggled.
whatever that means.

This blog is my DB calendar.

How many lawyers did it take to work out the royalties for that guest appearance ?

Saw it!

Did The Blog toot in the office. Poor judi. What she has to endure - vuvuzelas or otherwise.

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