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February 24, 2011


One ton of marijuana found on lettuce truck

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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We're gonna need a lot more than just lettuce, man. Throw in some chips.

Cheeto salad.

Dude! Lettuce is NEVER delivered on a Sunday!

If only you had waited....

Chong: Okay, man, give me the paperwork!

Cheech: what 'paperwork', man?

Chong: The permits for medical mary jane, man.

Cheech: You mean the papers we used to roll the joints we smoked?

Chong: &**^%&!!!

Was he following a truckload of Dorito's?

Does that come with light dressing?

we're gonna need more blue cheese

What do I do with all these croutons now?

we don't need no stinkin' croutons but load up on the bacon bits!

Escarole me a joint, dude.

just the tip of the iceberg for his life of crime

Heh. When I was a young Mountie I discovered four tonnes of marijuana on a truck that was supposedly carrying a shipment of tomatoes from California into Canada.

The hysterically funny part of it was when the truck driver shrugged, extended his arms and said "who, me?" (OK, I guess you had to be there)

That was just before I introduced him to these really cool metal bracelets that I had...

For those who don't speak Canadian, a "tonne" is over four HUNDRED doobies.

actually Steve, it is about 400,00 thousand doobies

Well, one must do SOMETHING while trapped by snow. I imagine, as I think of the palm trees of home.
Now, I'm hungry and I just ate a pizza.

He tried to deliver it, but they wouldn't open the door.

Dave's not here, man.

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