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February 21, 2011


JACKSON, Wyo. - A 78-year-old retired doctor was handcuffed and hauled away on a toboggan for skiing uphill in Wyoming, but he won't face charges.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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I loved the comment on that site where they said they get tired just driving uphill. He's 78 years old, active, not riding around Walmart in a scooter, and out loving life. Kudos to Dr. Fleck. I am curious as to why they felt it necessary to handcuff him.

Because their taser was out of order, cindy.

You're up early.

Note to self: have son be a lawyer.

Yes I am Jeff. I had a small flu relapse yesterday and went to bed at 9pm. I'm feeling much better today though. At least I am so far. This stuff comes and goes. I hope it stays away today. So many President Day sales and so little time.

Gravity police! Pull over!

Plenty of reasons to close the slopes (according to the story), and the resort area is not necessarily public property ... but ... trust any lawyer to say "he did nothing worng" whenever possible ...

To kinda paraphrase the old adage attributed to Lincoln, "Any person having offspring as an attorney of record could probably be declared insane in a reasonable court of law ... " ... merely sayin' ...

Flukey flake, Fleck, flicked the flak:

♪ 'With flicked flak, flukey flake Dr. Fleck went home...'

Skiing uphill: doesn't that require one of the


a) a fast ski downhill so momentum will move you upwards also


b) jet packs on your back or on your skis?

One could hope for that kind of energy at that age.
My best bet is to be 78, lying in the sun on the beach, with young women gazing at me. "Oh, gross," is what they'll be saying. But at least I'll be warm.
(Never been skiing. It looks cold and I don't do cold well).

One of my favorite articles by Dave was when he went skiing with his son, Rob. Judi? Can I request another vintage article?? The name of it was "Skiing With Kids". Dave, I am also a big believer in gravity therefore I don't ski.

Amazing at it is for someone 78 years old to be going uphill on skis, I see some potential problems:
1. Apparently he was doing this while they were grooming the slopes.
2. His son is a lawyer
3. When said grooming equipment runs over said son of lawyer is there maybe just a tiny possibility of a lawsuit?

Bonmot is probably already on his way to Wyoming.

He's being exiled to North Dakota, where it's impossible to ski uphill.

Yet another doctor who thinks the laws of Man and Nature don't apply to him? Where's the story?

On the other hand, I'd love to represent the good doctor. I'd keep him waiting in my lobby for a good hour and a half before I got around to seeing him for seven minutes.

Just remember, over two hundred years ago, when lawyers wrote the Constitution, doctors thought blood letting patients was a good idea.

I'm wondering about the "theft of service" charge... What, he didn't pay for a lift ticket because he was going uphill on his own?

LOL at Steve's view of the future.

Anyone who can ski uphill in Jackson, WY (ele. 7000 feet), gets my Kudos, but I guess they didn't want him starting an avalanche..

(Note to self.... get self to warmer place before I try something similar. The only way this could be funnier would be if the Dr. was a Psychiatrist...)

"Theft of service" is probably what you have to pay the State of WY if they have to rescue you...

Clank' ... yeah, one hasta ski uphill if one travels east-to-west ... as in Fargo to Beach ... HOWever, if he got sent here and started @ the ND/MT border (@ Beach, to be specific), it's "perty much downhill all the way to Fargo ... " ... IYKWIM, AITYD ... (Fargo is the Pit of Doom, Nodak Version ... )

Powder hounds will do anything to make the first tracks on fresh powder, but he was too late if the grooming equipment was out already or if they were doing avalanche control. That said, the looks on faces of downhill skiers as one chugs uphill on cross country skis can be priceless.

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