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February 23, 2011


DORR, Mich. (WOOD) - A fireworks dealer trying to thaw frozen pipes in his home with a blow torch caused an explosion Wednesday morning.

(Thanks to Dan)


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Got rid of the roaches, too.

this calls for a darwin..

"...explosion that rattled windows and nerves in the area."
You shook my nerves and you rattled my brain. Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire!


If they felt the ground shake a mile away, he had more than a firecracker or two. Probably cherry bombs. Yeah, that'd do it.
Maybe it was that bean he ate.

Fireworks? I hate this happened but I'll bet it was beautiful. Poor puppy that died because of his owner's stupidity.

"Don't try this at home."

Especially after a few drinks.

"Hold my beer and watch... {BOOM!} this."

Use a HAIRDRYER, people!!

No good, Queensbee. He wasn't quite stupid enough to be inside when he lit his house on fire. Only the dog blew up.

He really should have gotten an illegal fireworks dealer license. Oh yeah, Dumbass.

So he went from boom to bust(ed)?

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