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February 01, 2011


Mysterious Olive Farm Deflates Balloon Companies

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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I'm not up to date on drug slang. Is "olive farm" the new code word for "meth lab"?

Maybe that's where they create all those extra virgins.

I'd want to keep that a closely-held secret, too.

What kind of olive farm is this anyway? Instead of taking the balloon owners to court the authorities should be investigating them. I wonder if they produced the olive that brought Dennis Kucinich down?

Hmmm, we spent a couple of winters in Indio and I never heard of this place. Sounds veddy mysterious...

Let's send Dave or judi there to investigate.

Maybe no one should tell them about Google Maps satellite views.

This "Olive Farm" sounds like a plotline from the BULWINKLE SHOW. I suspect Boris Badenoff is behind this somehow.

It took most of the story to get to the point that the "farm" is not about olives, but conferences with rich secretive people.

Oh,and the owners sound like the pits.

Another good name for a rock band: Underground Cheese Cave http://gizmodo.com/5748769/

Sounds like they are involved with some very tapenade-secret operations.

why didn't they (sic) this too?

for which numerous patents have been applied for,

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