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February 23, 2011


The Nutmobile.

(Thanks to Lairbo)


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What a goober.

When truck nuts just aren't enough.

Squirrel! Run! Run for your life!
Or, drive!

Next: the BeefJerkymobile.

I was ready to get one of these until I found out the navigation system talks with Robert Downey Jr.'s voice.

This Keith Barry a relative of yours?

Mr. Peanut was caught in the Men's Room singing
"sometomes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't"
when some angry truckers pulverized him.

He won't be appearing in public for a while.

Wondering if the ratio is such that there are 2 nutmobiles for every 1 wienermobile...

Call this one of George Barris's misses. (Not Mrs.)

He designed ABC-TV's Batmobile, Very cool.

But the Peanutmobile? More embarassing than anything else.

And a Peanut-mobile that RUNS on peanut oil?

Isn't that like designing a vampire-mobile that runs on blood?

What kind of sick cannibals have we become?

Methinks they should gave given the Peanut-bus
Morton Downey Jr.'s voice and personality.

Would be getting a WHOLE lot more attention!

The only problem I see with this is you can't drive just one. How long before some parent sues them because they pull up next to them at a stoplight and their kid is allergic to peanuts?

For mTb: BeefJerkyMobile.

*snork* @ tw

Whoa! BeefJerkyMobile MUCH cooler than weiner- or nut-mobiles. Sweet ride!

nutmobiles drive all over nyc. some are cabs.

If they ever make a Krispy Kreme doughnut car, I'm buying one.

Also, many thanks to funnyman. Now that stupid jingle is stuck in my head and I don't even like that candy bar.

It is actually rather spacious - until it gets really cold outside.

Le Car?
No, Legume..

Too funny.

nursecindy - please don't. I will eat it. I can't afford the body repair. (Mine OR the donut car!)

In the spirit of equality, is there a Clam Mobile? Or a Taco Mobile?

Is the Sarah Palin 2012 campaign already on the road?

Hogs -- HAR!!

Hot nuts if it was crackercarjacked.

let's get kosher wit'it. the knish mobile...

Dave, have you borrowed this to pick up Sophie from school yet?

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