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February 23, 2011


The Unpoppables follows the quirky daredevils of New Balloon Art as they wow clients with the most innovative balloon sculptures ever. In each half-hour episode, they’ll travel to a new city, plan the week’s event and scramble to get everything done.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Yeah, but will they launch a kid out over Colorado in a Jiffypop pan?

*snork*@bon. We haven't heard the end of that family, now that they live in the Tampa area. They are now trying to sell back scratchers made from twigs.

i really do want to know what kind of dingdong came up with this idea for a tv show. this may indeed be the STUPIDEST thing on tv.ok, except the new shows where people go into a pawn shop and try to sell their stupid old junk. and maybe, the show about teh dimwit with the 19 kids, or maybe.............

QB: I hope you're not talking about Pawn Stars. When you get right down to it, it's actually a very educational show. You learn a lot about history. But don't tell kids that. They'll never want to watch it again.

Maybe we can live-blog this!

or not...

Ooooooh! Ballooooooons!!!

I only like hot-air balloons or helium-filled ones that you have to hold on to or else they get away. They try and try but I tie the cord around my wrist so I know when they've found a current that will lead them to freedom.
I have relationship issues.

Braniff, I like Pawn Stars too. Especially Chumlee. I probably shouldn't mention this but I believe Jeff Meyerson is one of the main balloon blower-uppers in this new series. He vacationed in Florida too long.

So Punkin likes to handle large spherical objects?

Not to mention battery operated ones.


*lovingly smacks Siouxie*

*borrows Siouxie's machete for bon*

I say we combine Pitbulls & Parolees and this balloon show.

Now THAT I'd watch.

I'm with QB on this -- this crew has to be the goofiest thing ever to get a show. But I also have to admit, they pull off some brilliant stuff. Obviously "goofy" and "brilliant" aren't mutually exclusive, else we'd have no Steve Martin.

This does seem pretty stupid, but then there are shows where guys go around eating big sandwiches or worms and the public laps it up.

The title , though... the blonde in the balloon dress looked pretty poppable to me.

'In each half-hour episode, they’ll travel to a new city...'

They tried an episode in space, butt got stuck in Uranus:

'The Unpoopables'

*snork* @ sandy

Imagine the knots they could tie in Mianus.

'ribbed for your pleasure', punkin?

Hey! Look at all the random cake-decorating shows. This isn't really that different.

So, basically, you're saying I'm full of hot air, cindy?

I'm OK with that.

I forgot what the topic was, Jeff. This probably sounds crazy but, I've always disliked balloons almost as much as I dislike clowns.

I've never been that good at blowing up balloons, to be honest. I have trouble tieing them after I get them blown up.


Are you any good at blowing up clowns?

Shades of the A-Team, that'd be worth watching!

There are too many TV channels.

Show suggestion: Fill a balloon with hydrogen and oxygen, apply flame and watch it make water. Hearing and eyebrows come back eventually.

Just when you think they couldn't sink any lower.......

Egad. Used blog comments.

@'used computers' -

isn't that rather Elementary, my dear Watson?

i kinda like pawn stars actually. i love ' the old man'. its kinda like poor man's antique road show. i love it when someone brings in a piece o junk that they think is worth something. of course, i dunno what's an antique and what's a piece of junk. and they are in vegas, so, who knows.
i wish chumlee and big hoss would lose a little weight. they're too young to be that overweight. but i digress.

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