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February 24, 2011


Call 999... Someone farted on my dog

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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This seems only fair as so many dogs fart on people and then slink out of the room.

Not SBD? Maybe he should report a noise violation.

In our case, it's usually Stewie lying there beside me looking all innocent. Why can a little dog smell what another dog left on a fence post a week ago but not smell the stench wafting up from his own netherlands?
Our main dog, Joe, is not bothered, either. But he only has two active brain neurons and they aren't speaking to each other.

My son is a 911 dispatcher and says it is very common for people to call them because they have run out of minutes on their cell phones. Some of them even call and ask if they'll look up a phone number for them.

Mr. Telecom farts on the Punkin cat all the time - he seems to enjoy it.

Arrgghh - what I SHOULD have said, is that they BOTH seem to enjoy it. I know it tickles Mr. Telecom no end.

At least he didn't light it.

In my college frat, that would have been air freshener.

They called the cops in the wrong country.

I'll bet it was a Shih Tzu.

or poo-dle

Do you remember Wooden Eye!!!!

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