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February 27, 2011


Vote for the Bologna Lollipop. The Meat Salad is kicking our butts.

(Thanks to Matt Filar for the reminder)


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I blame the Wiggles. Their "Fruit Salad" wasn't pulling in the ratings. Now..."Meat Salad" - yummy yummy. Get. Out. Of. My. Head.

Also, this whiffs of Colbert.

I couldn't do it Dave -- I HAD to vote for the Honey Bun Burger.

That the Chicks and Sticks is winning in a landslide hints of vegan hackers.

Your Daveness...I have done my duty and voted for the lollipop. Not that it did much good...3% support is pretty pathetic.

Only because I support you.

I was leaning towards the "Big O", probably because of the sexual connotations, but I decided it was more important to support a Pulitzer fellow.

You're welcome.

Bologna in a fatslide! I mean landslide, landslide. Sure I did.
On that note, we make what we call "Pickle sandwich" since that's what one of my kids called it.
One pack of beef bologna, two hard-boiled eggs, two medium kosher pickles, all run through a meat grinder. Add just enough mayo to make the mess hold together in a spoon. Good on white-bread sandwiches, although my kids will eat it out of a bowl with a spoon.
My son-in-law says they had the same thing in Pike Co., KY but they called it "funeral meat" because people took it to...well, you know.
I prefer "pickle sandwich" or the original family name of "bologna spread".

Sorry, I had to go with the meat salad even if they did leave out the cream gravy

I'm still trying to figure out the Sonoran Dog -- a bacon-wrapped Hebrew National hot dog. For those who sort of keep Kosher when they go out.

I cannot believe the veggies are winning.

How can you NOT be for the Duck, Hog, Frog Dog?

The French have already surrendered.

Chicks with sticks is just so wrong. I voted for the spaghetti.

It's ball park food! You just gotta go with something on a stick. You just gotta. Who sits at the park with a bowl full of meat? That's fancy dinner fare.

i really would have voted for pickled ice creme if they had that.
sorry, but so much of that was just treif (not kosher).... but i do agree.... for ballpark food - it MUST BE on a stick. maybe a knish. or just a big kosher pickle. full sour, of course.

Queensbee, didn't stop me from voting for the pop. Technically, it could be made kosher, anyway.

I had to go with the meat salad. How often do you get to eat four animals at once? I was wavering on the parfait, but the barbecue sauce turned me off.

I think the guy above is brain salad, scrambled. Also, he no speaka the English.

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