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February 27, 2011


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to Matt Filar and Chuck Cody)


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Now this story has a picture!

At least he's happy!

Do NOT click on the video......

" ... over 400 lbs. ... "

I thot Canada wuz on the metric system ... eh?

we are on the metric system here, although none of us understand it. It is a way of our government keeping us permanently confused...much like Obama's "Hope & Change", which apparrently never materialized.

But in answer to your query, 400 pounds apparently equates, in the metric system. to about 3 centimetres...or something like that...or...maybe not.

Tnx, muchly, Afkat ... I see my error now ... I wuz confusedly usin' Kilometres ...

Footage of a 400-pound Canadian contortionist is only marginally better than the Oscars.

That tears it... When the subject of a United States of North America comes up, remind me to vote " no ".

"pain-loving freaks" is appropriate, and of course also WBAGNFARB

When I was in school (in the USA), they spent more time teaching us the metric system than the regular system (neither got all that much time). But of course we never used it much. Which means now I have sort of an idea of a centimeter, decimeter, inch, foot, yard, meter, but after that, it gets kind of shakey.

Only Liberia, Myanmar, and the United States are non-metric; the rest of the world no longer bothers with how many poppyseeds or barleycorns are in an inch. The Metric Conversion Act of 1975 designated the metric system as the preferred system of weights and measures for US trade and commerce, but Congress is afraid to fund the conversion with metric dollars.

Personally I prefer the FFF System, where one furlong per fortnight converts to a centimeter per minute.

'SWonderful to have affirmation for my morbid obesity. Just a few more pounds and I will be able to slap myself silly with the soles of my feet!

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