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February 24, 2011


The Rotisserie Channel will feature two rows of chickens roasting in an open-flame oven.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Please, please PLEASE tell me that this is replacing Jersey Shore.

We used to have that here. It was called Kenny Rogers Chicken. Now there are Peruvian pollo places everywhere instead.

Disgusting and barbaric.

Porn for PETA members.

For Sweeps Month, they're adding a Cornish Hen.

I will make sure to DVR that.

>two rows of chickens roasting in an open-flame oven

This is the hell that line-dancers will go to.

I can't even stand to see them on a rotisserie thingie at the grocery store so I'm sure not going to watch it on TV. Yuck!

ooh the drama! I wonder how it will end ... fries or salad?

Spring replacement programming for As The World Turns.

Whenever I see rotisserie chickens, I feel I've been Rushified. Note: This is not reference to Rush Limbaugh.

Rush in Concert

I prefer the Rude Noises Channel.

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