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February 22, 2011


O.     M.     G.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Amazon Prime streaming and a JuBe tonsorial operation in the same day -- It's too much I tells ya!

(#hairflip, Siouxie?)

I'd like to see a shaved Beiber.

He no longer looks like a mini-Dave.

Finally. Important news, and it's only Tuesday.


In other news, new Zealand earthquake devastation...see page 12

Perfect. Now he looks 4 years old instead of eight.

I guess I am not a true Beleiber.

"Is this the most significant haircut in history?"

Uh, no.


In about 10 years maybe he will be able to shave.

Not sure about the haircut, but I do like that color lipstick.

Wow - I didnt know that Rachael Maddow had a son!

I always thought his hairstyle kind of looked like Dave's. I guess that was the problem.

Don't bet on it, Loudmouth.

My daughter and I saw a picture of him in hockey gear. We laughed for 30 minutes on that one.

And in other Bieber "news"....

Every time I see a picture of that kid I have an urge to slap him. Hard.


See the video.

Let's hope he left the ironic glasses at the barber shop.

This is what he's gonna look like when he grows up.

Isn't Beiber, Donny Osmond's love child?

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