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February 24, 2011


What Happens When You Stick Your Head Into a Particle Accelerator

(Thanks to Becky Roser)


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The beam itself measured 2000 gray

For the unscientific among us that's equivalent to 46 kiloinches per week.

If you're a politician, the answer is, "not much."

So, a neutron walked into a bar and said "I’d like a beer, please."

After the bartender gave him one, he said "How much will that be?"

"For you?" said the bartender "No charge."

There are only two appliances a guy should ever stick his head into - refrigerator and beer cooler.

Beam me up Boogersky.

I wanna keep my head particles nice and slow, thank-you-very-much.

Does it have to be my head or would one I have in the basement do?

So, his intellectual capacity was unchanged. IQ apparently still = shoe size.
Especially since he eventually got his PhD.

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