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February 27, 2011


Photographing cows or other farm scenery could land you in jail under Senate bill

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I believe that is the same headline I used when I sent this one in.

Simpson, president of Simpson Farms near Dade City, said the law would prevent people from posing as farm workers so that they can secretly film agricultural operations.

He said he could not name an instance in which that happened.

WTFBBQ? Further proof - if any was needed - that politicians have too much time on their hands.

I was going to whine that I sent this in, but I heard that I could be sent to jail for doing so.

"Floridian Legislation" WBAGNF something stupid.

(private note to judi - no, I did not send this in. Just felt like whining. ;))

This is an udderly ridiculous bill. Send the Senator to Washington.

Moron. For once, I agree with PETA.


First veal, then KFC and Happy meals, now cow photography. Why does PETA have to ruin everything I love?

So ... (!) ... PETA talks about exposing "animal cruety" ...

When might we expect them to show videos of their own operations when they "euthanize" 90-plus percent of all the "adoptive" pets that they kill every year?

(Rhetorical question ... they are without sin, so they can cast all the stones they want to throw ... )

... um ... lemme amend that phraseology to "cruelty" ... dang inoperative spellcheck, ennyway ...

How do these idiots get into office? Do they act normal before they're voted in and then go crazy?

This, n'c', is yet one more example of a "special need/interest" person (or business) bein' able to catch the ear/eye of a legislator, who then is willin' to put the complaint/concern/fear into a format whereby the entire assembly is required to (at the very least) listen to the proposed legislation ...

I know folks here in Nodak who have been "exposed" by PETA, after they entered the premises under false pretenses and took photos/videos that were subsequently used to "convict" the farmers/ranchers in the court of public opinion ... so, I understand the worry of Farmer Simpson ... and I am not really surprised by his bein' able to get a bill of this sort started ...

Does a Google satellite image count? I'm pretty sure you could see cows, given the detail I can find on my own parking lot in St. Augustine. Not to mention street view. I know darn well you could see a hoofer, since I've seen several instances of "hookers". (Some of those hookers might qualify as livestock, from the appearance).
Will all of Florida be blacked out?
New motto: Florida! Land of mystery!

NC, that is the only way any one gets into office.. they act normal until elected then allow the real person out. They are already qualified for the next edition of Looney Tunes when elected they are just good at hiding it. by the way this is true of ANY office holder, the higher the office the more looney tunes they are.

cindy, one article I read strongly implied that said legislator (sic) was trying to "service" a rich constituent's needs.

Money talks.

Hey, up here in cheeseland? You get caught taking a picture of another man's heifer, you better be ready to run. You're gonna have the Mozzarella Mafia after ya.

Fair's fair... Write in there that the cows can't photograph us either.

Politicians - escapees from mental institutions?

I have a feeling that our polictical process, especially because of the news media, is set up so that normal people look kind of "off" and don't get elected and the wackos who can act normal for a short time do. I don't think this is really done on purpose, just that the news media can sense normal people's weak points and love to exploit them.

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