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February 21, 2011


To Celebrate Revolution, Egyptian Names Baby 'Facebook'

(Thanks to Pirateboy)


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*SNORK* @ "Tweet"

Hey, no harm, no foul. Once the Islamists start running the country, school for girls will be banned, so Facebook will never learn how to spell her own name anyway.

I can hear her spelling her name for every single transaction for the rest of her life. "One word, not two."

Some dumb twit.

Still better than the foreign-born woman who gave birth to a preemie here in the US. She named her daughter Urine. She said it was because the nurses had been so kind to put a sign on the baby's crib that said "Save Urine".

My favorite name was the woman who named her twins kids Lemonjello ("La-mon-jay-lo") and OrangeJello ("Or-angh-jay-lo")

Her big brother Youtube is rolling his eyes.

"We had to name you that honey, because you started with a poke."

She's on the Farmville baby registry. Right about now they could use some corn and potatoes.

Snork @ MartiniShark and Loudmouth. Meanie too.

lemonjello and orangejello are urban myths. i strongly suspect "urine" is too. as one who has an oddball name, you get used to spelling it, more than once, at every transaction. no biggie.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! *adds them to list*

Our nurses at the health department swore they saw a mother and daughter with the daughter's name being pronounced "PAH j' ma". The spelling was "pajama", which was a word the mother saw in a catalog and liked.
I did know a man named "Cerfew", pronounced as in "don't stay out late" and his sister "Neurail" as in "that's a new rail for the fence". Their father named his kids after the first written words he saw on the days of their births.

"Why do you ask, Two Dogs ----ing?"

Hey WriterDude, I cleaned that one up for my middle-school students. like so.

"Why do you ask, Puking Dog?"

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