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February 17, 2011


RoboCop wins: Group raises $50k for Detroit statue


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This is a good idea because....? Will tourists really travel to Detroit to see a Robocop statue? I've been to Detroit a couple of times. It's going to take more than this statue.

i watched the 'brawndo' ad and (even without sound) am pretty sure that it was done by the same folks that did the 'powerthirst' commercials (see youtube for hilarity) which, pitching a fictional product, were even more over the top.

If you have never watched Idiocracy or haven't seen it in a while, it's probably a good exercise. You'll cover your head and cry when you realize we don't have far to go.

Oh, and Robocop is awlsome, y'know.

I am glad that they got the money for it. It would look kind of interesting...

Thanks for the steer to powerthirst, mud.

Caution - bad word directed to the lovely Mother Nature.

Favorite quote:
RoboCop: [after shooting perp in groin] Your move, creep.

Well, Cindy, they also have a giant fist.

Criterion collection DVD all the way. awesome movie. But, did the studio give the OK on this statue?

Ain't gonna matter. Detroit still sucks. It's the only city in the US where you can go SOUTH and hit Canada.

C'mon, now.

Detroit ain't that bad.

The statue will be holding a decapitulated head.

Nice to know their values are still intact.

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