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February 27, 2011


Walking cactus discovered in China

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Walk, hell. Mexico is filled with jumping chollas. And I've got climbing vines all over the yard.

"It's a long way, to.... Tallahassee?

Yawn. I have a Wandering Jew in my family room.

Smart cacti take the train...

like the recent famous train snake did...

Walking stick, but not as friendly.

Catch it before it gets away!

Glad it's extinct and won't be showing up in my basement.

Way back when my grandmother was alive, I walked into her kitchen in Jacksonville one day. She was standing by the window laughing about every 20 seconds.
A neighborhood dog was attempting to pee on her barrel cactus with unfortunate results.
After every painful failure, he'd back off and bark at the offending plant, then try again.

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