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February 28, 2011


An Indiana man's lawsuit for injuries he suffered when a stripper's shoe flew off during a performance and hit him in the teeth isn't far-fetched, lawyers say.

(Thanks to Bernard Black)


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I'm not sure what he's complaining about. It's not like he sells annuities.

I'm glad the blog keeps us abreast of the latest legal developments.

Briefly, yes, he has a case; and no, the baseball analogy doesn't work.

It was decided long ago that by attending a baseball game, where foul balls always get hit into the stands, one assumes that risk.

Now if our oggler got hit with an STD, he might not have a case.

Gawd. As a Canadian, I absoutely love Americans. You have been our best friends throughout the years, as well as being our best customers for the products we sell, including power, oil & gas.

But you guys really have do do something about these idiotic lawyers.

The guy went to a strip joint and wound up with a chipped tooth.

My response to that would normally be "Suck it up Nancy, start manning up and take responsibility for your own actions".

But perhaps that is just me...I'm getting a little cranky as I get older and looking towards a permanent spot on the geezer bus.

Stripper Slipper Flips, Slaps Flogger.

Well said Afkat!

Yeah right, the shoe flew off and chipped his tooth. When the real story comes out, it will be that his old lady knocked his tooth out when she found out he was at a strip club.

Never go to a Rosa Klebb strip show...for so many reasons.

If ever a case was made for Judge Judy, its this one. Perhaps mediation. I reccomend Charlie Sheen as the mediator.

I almost got injured at a bar in Bangkok one time, but that stripper's projectile was a different story...

hogsatemysister: I hear you, a ping pong ball to the eye is no laughing matter.

Actually, it is.

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