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February 21, 2011


Adam Zaretsky and Tony Allard are the creators of "Mutate or Die: A W.S. Burroughs Biotechnical Bestiary," an ongoing project that basically turns a piece of Burroughs' poop into a piece of art.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm not sure I want to click on that story until after I've eaten my bowl of cereal and had at least one cup of coffee.

So then...it's not actually William S> Burroughs' Preserved Poop (which WBAGNF something) but William S. Burroughs' Friend's Preserved Poop?

Poop on you, headline writer!

How proud Adam and Tony's mothers must be that they are doing this rather than wasting their lives on sh...um, never mind.

Story of my life: other people have ALL the good ideas!

Poo-trons of the arts?

double, ney triple snork @ Jeff!

Isn't hanging on to sh** some kind of obsessive, unhealthy behavior...I think they call it..


or just plain weird...

Zaretsky, who has a background in biotech, and Allard, a college professor in San Diego, say their plan is to "take a glob" of the preserved poop, isolate the DNA and make lots of copies of it.

Anyone can copy Sh**, but to make copies of DNA from
turd...is a job for people with too much free time?

DO they plan to make copies of this old man and author
and have him cruising Oread Avenue at night, mumbling to himself while looking for younger guys?

(I was there at KU in the seventies and yes, that is
what Burrough's nocturnal adventures often were.)

Thank goodness we never did stuff like this at UNC-Chapel Hill. We studied. At least I think I did. I really don't remember.

"But, I also mentioned that if we could raise some money for a gene gun, I could shoot the genes into his balls. After some fundraising, I think we have ourselves a potential to go on a gonad bender."

Proof that Allard has been smoking some cr** and his
"science" is just looking for new "highs" much like and addict needs a new fix.

"One of Burroughs' most famous quotes is 'Mutate or die!' and mutants run through his work," Allard said.

...Burroughs shot and killed his wife while playing a drunken game of "William Tell."

So is it fair to wonder if he shot his wife because she wouldn't mutate on demand? And I always thought William Tell involved an apple and a bow and arrow.
Don't ever recall anything about guns.

Must have been a really fun couple. And she was
really stu--never mind.

Maybe if we just ignore them, they'll go away.

I already can't tell the difference between poop and what passes as art these days. Now I'm really confused.

What does "a background in biotech" mean? That he once cleaned a toilet? Or did some telemarketing?

"...if we could raise some money for a gene gun, I could shoot the genes into his balls."

Because balls don't have enough genes already.

Isn't this how Rap started ?

On second thought, Ralph, no thanks.

On second thought, Ralph, thanks but no thanks.

These sorts of projects are the reason that arts funding gets cut.

Geezer alert:

"God this is an awesome moment. The last stronghold of unhip resistance is out of sight. Under 8 million hardbound copies of the Naked Lunch. It's all over, we're coming home!"

Why do we fund art, anyway? I mean, if it's good, won't people buy it on their own?

I reccomend this article to all dieters. (Debating whether I feel sick or not....)

So that was not a disgusting health hazard I witnessed at a bar this weekend, it was an art installation.

So, they're going to build a real s***head.

Whatever that DNA grows into is gonna have a body-odor problem.

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