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January 30, 2011


Woman returned rescue dog 'because it clashed with curtains'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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When my cat "clashes" with my curtains or the couch I toss her out and she can't come back in for a couple hours.

This is exactly why I only get dogs in neutral colors. They go with everything. btw, I don't believe her reason for minute. I've been around Jack Russels and they are very energetic. He probably kept jumping up and down and crashed her curtains. A lab that doesn't bark? I'll take him! My Daisy barks at everything. If she's outside and unhappy about it she has the distinctive lab yodel. It could wake the dead.

But, Scott, won't that make your cat think the best to be let out when she wants is to claw?

I would've let the dog go back and locked the woman up in the kennel.

right with ya, wingnut. what a creep!

This is the mentality that (supposedly) led to the phrase "Rule Britannia" ... ?

No wonder the Empire is in the dustbin ...

some people are 'the curtains'


the drapes

Since no one else has said it let me be the first... stupid b!tch (no, not the dog).

There's another solution to clashing curtains.

Well, maybe it looked like this.

Anyone who would get rid of a dog because it clashes with her curtains doesn't deserve the companionship of a dog.

When the dogs rise up, people who dye their dogs will die.

re: matching the curtains. She should have brought a swatch to the shelter. Dumbass.

That dog should have given the lady matching drapes and carpets. In yellow.

At least the dog wasn't with the idiot long enough to bond. I heard of a Scottie being relinquished to Rescue because the owners claimed it didn't fit into their newly redecorated house. This was a dog they'd had for several years. Of course, dogs have been known to 'christen' new carpet. Terriers are great dogs, but bonding with new owners after a rejection like that can take a while as in several months to a year.

While the ground was covered with snow recently, one of our Boston Terriers would not pee in the snow. We took her out four times a day but she just would not go. Unknown to us she was peeing on a rug in the dinning room. After getting an estimate on cleaning the rug, I threw it out, even though it was an expensive wool rug. It would cost too much to clean.

I threw out the rug. We kept the dog.

coscolo ... y'all are correct on the "rejection" and subsequent "bonding" ... our latest Westie (#4 in our lives, over more than 30 years) wuz rescued and we adopted him ... his apparent "neglect" and "abandonment" took a while ... however he has now apparently claimed full ownership of us ... same as the others did ... typical of Westies, and of terriers (terrors) in general ...

All of my dogs and my cat are rescues. The oldest chihuahua was in a puppy mill and was being used for breeding. They were going to euthanize her because the vet said her bones were too fragile for her to breed anymore. Fortunately I got her instead. She was so nervous the day I brought her home she threw up for 3 days. She had never been out of a small kennel cage. I promised her I would never cage her up again and I never have. Now she is never away from me whenever I'm at home. My second chihuahua was a puppy they decided they didn't like so they put her away in a cardboard box. She also stays by my side always. My lab was found in a house with 17 other dogs and numerous cats. It took her about 3 months but one day she came up to me, gave me a large, sloppy lick, and has been my constant companion every since. I found my cat when she was 4 weeks old in the middle of a busy parking lot. She walked up to me and meowed. Of course I brought her home and now she owns me. The people that had these animals before I did do not realize what wonderful pets and friends they neglected. My cat is so smart at times it's scary. For example if I'm laying down and her food bowl is empty she will come up to me, meow, and pat my mouth with her paw. That's the only time she does it. Sometimes I pretend I'm still asleep and she will actually meow and blow in frustration. I love them all. Sorry this is so long but if you treat an animal with kindness and love they will pay you back in spades and you will never be sorry.

How about the system that would approve this lady to take the dog in the first place?? Hello, adoption approval department?

Cindy, I love it that your cat blows!

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