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January 28, 2011


Lady Gaga has a new perfume.

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBob)


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Cool. I could use something to spice up my deer blind.

'Lady Gaga Creating Fragrance That Smells 'Like Blood and Semen'

...and there she is in her little 'meat dress' - she must love the smell of beef stokenoff.

Gag Gag.


*adds 'r' to stRoke...*

(& gaga's Caught in a Bad RomFragr-ance)

The Lady’s eau de blood and semen
Made everyone really start screamin’
Your tenderloin dress
Was really a mess
Don’t con us again with your schemin’

Just when I think she can't get any grosser......

*yay* coco!

It has a working name of "Floor of Cell #5".

"L'Aire du Tempe, Arizona"

Eau, de Humanite!

Flogging the scent of flogging and flogging.

Let me guess. Does it smell like raw meat?

Sorry Sandy, I didn't see your meat reference above.

Last week, one of the entertainment websites said that Ms. Gag-ga was going to earn $100 million dollars this year, and makes more than $1 million per concert.

So I have to ask: Which one of us is really crazy?

Malawi fortune tellers are wearing it so no one can tell they've been eating sauerkraut.

PirateBoy. They will make that much because they will also charge you to get OUT of the concert.

Will the same men be donating both raw materials? And in what order? Just thinking how black widow spiders treat their menfolk...

This will be the first time a celebrity has come up with a fragrance that actually reminds me of the person endorsing it.

I hope it is not expensive.

I'll just keep my Chanel No.5.

Will be named "Bleedin' Wanker".

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