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January 30, 2011


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Gregg Geil and John Gregg)


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I've seen Dick's before but have never had any experience with one.

I've been to Dick's many times and let me tell you, that is one major case of false advertising.

someone should have checked that signage before allowing it....

Alas, the other store's equally guilty, Wingnut.

Dick's is a hard goods store

I know exactly where that retail combination is (Buffalo, NY), and would have sent a photo in if I'd had a camera. I comforted myself, however, knowing that it would appear here eventually.

both provide needed goods


Just curious. We know there is a major stripper shortage in Dallas. How's BJ's doing with staffing levels?

I've been in Dick's before and have had experiences with one.

in albany, actually on the main road coming into town, were two businesses - a carpet store and a local newspaper. as you drove down the hill, what you saw was 'Gentile's", and "Jewish World". Jewish World publication moved a while back, so alas, the great sign series is gone, and i never did take a picture. but trust me, it was a clever sight.

BJ's is going out of business, so I hear.

Is there a Hooters nearby?

Thank goodness it's not in Texas. There's an effort going on there to reclassify B.J.s as a crime.
Oh, it's a store?

Never seen Dick's. I am, however quite familiar with BJ's.

It was really funny a few years ago when Dick's bought a rival sporting goods company, Chick's. Thank goodness they didn't try to combine the names...

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