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January 28, 2011


Dallas facing a serious stripper shortage

(Thanks to Kibby F5)


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And who said the economy is in trouble?

Key Quote:
“You might think that you could never get enough of a girl with a peg leg being disrobed by a guy in a dolphin costume, but you’d be wrong."

If they wanna see bigg'uns, send the guys to the Canadian Mall.

Once again Arlington gets the shaft in a news story, after briefly mentioning Arlington WHERE THE SUPER BOWL IS BY THE WAY. Most of the story was about Dallas. I bet Mayor Cluck will raise a fuss about this. yes our mayor is named Cluck, look it up if you don't believe me. hahahahahaha

I'm sure some of the girls from Ashwaubenon who go to Packer games in their cheese bras will be happy to help out.

Did something curdle up there in Ashwaubenon, pad?

Oh, the humanity!

I'd love to help you Dallasinians out, but Packers & Steelers have a weight minimum on their strippers.

Annie, you're beautiful, but slightly mistaken (only in this case).
Check it out here...

Annie, if you simply must have your own:


Order now for delivery by Super Bowl Sunday!

Whoa, Packer bikini girls. Some serious hiiigh beams at Lambeau.

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