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January 31, 2011


January 31st is National Gorilla Suit Day

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Still time to get that last minute shopping done!

Darn, I knew I forgot something when we left New York.

Feral Chicken Chasers, wasn't that the new country band out of Nashville, the ones who sang 'Choke the Chicken' and 'Finger Licking Good?"

Oh, my bad! I can't believe I just typed that! But I'm leaving it there.

Darn it, I could have worn one to work, of course, working at Children's would scare a few kids.

All I've got is this monkey suit.

Someone tell this guy.

Someone should tell this to all the tax offices that have guys dressed as the Statue of Liberty by the side of the road during tax season.

Meh. Doesn't hold a candle to "Talk Like A Pirate Day."

I don't know how I got my chicken comment on the gorilla list, but there it is. Dress like a gorilla, squawk like a chicken and talk like a pirate, bound to be a pro athletic team in Florida that needs those attributes for a mascot, hey, what about the new (relatively) Marlins??

~Thump chest~ "AUWWK AAUUUCH, me maties!!" Actually that sounds more like a parrot.

If my part is to make snarky blog comments while fending off work, then your trust is well placed.

Of all the days to have my gorilla suit at the cleaners.

I'm certain this will have the Speaker of the House in tears. And possibly bananas.

It's also
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

When I saw my wife dressed in one I knew I'd met the gorilla my dreams.

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