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January 30, 2011


Why ARE women's breasts getting bigger?

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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Probably for the same reason men's are, too: a diet rich in phytoestrogens.

Because is a good enough reason.

Don't look a whore's gift in the mouth.

The real question is why did this take so long. Back when people were obsessesd with silly goals like putting a man on the moon they should have been working on this. You want world peace? What guy is going to start a war when he has a set of KK's at home?

*SMACKS* SW. Did any blog guys notice there was an article with those pictures?

You realize, SW, that according the the article (those words that take up all that space between the pictures) the "set of KK's" a guy has at home may be his own ...

Although, to your point (sort of), I doubt that a dude with a pair of size KK moobs is about to go out and start any wars.

I'm hardly going to be disturbed by the fact that boobs are getting bigger. Who writes this sh1t.

Well, the reason is undoubtedly ... um .... the question again, please?

I blame Al Gore.

Cancel the Peas. Terri Smith and the L Cups MUST perform at the Super Bowl.

This phrase that Terri uses, "quite slim". It must have a different meaning than I thought.

It's magic!

"When you wish upon a bra..."

And we blog guys thank you lovely ladies.

Subterfuge. Draws attention away from that wide load.

"L-cup breasts weigh approximately a stone."

let's get stoned....

*looks down*


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