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January 30, 2011


The Stamford  Advocate reported that two women were hit in their heads with snow shovels when the two and their children got into a shouting match over where to place snow blocking their cars.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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At least they get their kids to do things with them. That's tough with teenagers. "Come on kids, let's go beat the hell out of the neighbors."

Punkin? I wonder if the shovels made that 'Boing' sound like they do in cartoons?

I can see that happening here. Tempers flare when there are no more places to put the 40 inches plus snow...

And, it's snowing again.....

EB I just thought I'd mention that today in N.C. it's 69 degrees and sunny. It feels like spring! Tomorrow it's supposed to be 45 and rainy. Friday we're supposed to get an ice storm. February in the Carolinas is very unpredicatable. You just never know what the weather is going to do next.

I still see no reason why people need those assault shovels.

Also, I just thought I'd mention that my snowball catapult can reach North Carolina.

*can-relate-that-snowjobs-bring-out-the-worst-in-us: are-you-'effin-KIDDING-ME:- a-NOTHER-STORM COMING???!?!?....*

Never bring a snowball to a shovel fight...

*Ducks out of the way of Meanie's incoming snowball*

Now this is where they wish they'd spent the extra money for the light saber option on their shovels. You better believe I did!

*Agrees with sandy*

Guess what guys in the midwest and northeast? You're getting more snow!

*Loads, aims, fires*

A few days of snow brings out the best in people.
A few more just buries that "best" under a pile of cold, gray slush.

Yah, yah, yah. Well, when one of my neighbors opens fire on me I can just jump behind a snowbank and be perfectly safe. Let's see you try THAT in Miami!

Gives Meanie a bandaid.

*Gives nc an I-85 Express Lane special*

Actually Cindy, my forecast is for ice/freezing rain/high wind/hell freezes over for the next 3 days. I don't get too excited about weather forecasts but I hav NEVER seen one like this. Got to get to the store tomorrow to stock up on beer, I mean milk.

Sled on by and throw me a six-pack, Wingnut!

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