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January 11, 2011


Women's undies lecture opened to men

(Thanks to Randy Voges)


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Back in college I was originally going to take Ladies' Undies, but I decided to drop them instead.

Men have always wanted to get into women's undies...

Let Freedom ring!

Historical Undergarments opened for Neil Diamond.

The Rise and Fall of Ladies Underwear

Sounds like college.

Glory je to Besus!

Our fathers didn't fight the Germans at Pearl Harbor to be shut out of historical underwear lectures.

Now, no one will attend.

One nation's underwear, visible, with libido and lusting for all.

Of corset, now the men will garter all the attention.

I still don't understand why everyone got their shorts bunched up over this.

I demand a lecture on men's tighty-whities vs boxers!
Does anyone know the ACLU's phone number?

nannie - such a lecture would be


I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD.

If they need me to give a symposium on the one-handed clasp removal I'm available most nights.

I got excited when I thought it said "Women's Undies Opened to Men."

so they decided to let men come afterall.

No sandy, just get their hopes up.

The men's symposium would be titled THE HISTORY OF RACING STRIPES.

Just another thong and tap pants event.

This model said they would be happy to help you with your symposium, Sharkie.

Most men are acutely aware of "historical undergarments" because we're still wearing them. If that was what we were wearing when we bowled 280, a few holes aren't making us throw away the lucky briefs.

Give me libertines, or give me DEATH!

Yea, pass there, Cyndi. I learned from a lesbian I met as a freshman. She let me even practice on her. It was both very cool, and very defeating.

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