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January 18, 2011


Rehearsals have begun. Here are some photos, and here's a site offering Facebook discount tickets.

(I don't know if either of these links will work outside of Facebook. I really don't understand the Internet in general.)


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Is this the play that has a musical score by Bono and involves dazzling acrobatics above the audience? Pfew, it isn't.

I'll never look at a box of toffee the same way ever again.

So it's a play about people milling around and presumably catching stars with their Peters? Um ....

I'll pass.

The show's motto can be "We do rigging right!"

Maybe you guys could give the "Spider-Man" guys a break and merge, call it "Peter Parker and the Webcatcher"? Peter could tussle with Captain Octopus and the Green Gator... See, this stuff writes itself!

Will they have costumes there, or should we bring our own?
*scanning calendar for NYC trip*

Sounds like it may be time to arrange another silly bloglit get-together. Any takers?

I'd love to come to a bloglit get-together, Meanie! I'm sure Dave would bail all of us out of jail if the need arose. Right Dave? Dave?

Who's playing Dave and Ridley and why would I want a discount on Facebook. It's free, silly!


I think the internet has something to do with p0rn.

Meanie, we'd definitely be interested but...hate to be a pill but it would have to be between March 9 (we are getting back from Florida on the 8th) and March 28 (we're leaving town again on the 29th). Also, we already have tickets for Sunday the 20th for something else.

Other than that...we're completely open. I notice March 9 is the official opening night. Perhaps Dave is going to put in an appearance that night?

Anyway, if this is too complicated feel free to go whatever day is convenient to all.

We can all stay with Jeff!

I will have to pass... there was a misunderstanding in NYC that prevents me from entering the jurisdiction. I understand the officer's eyebrows grew back eventually.

Wait, was that Philly or NYC? Let me check.

It appears that you do need to be a Facebook member to take advantage of this, not surprisingly. And their crappy attitude about security and privacy means that ain't gonna happen here...

Sure cindy, no problem. Well, we can't accommodate everyone (unless they don't mind sleeping on the floor) but we can certainly fit in a couple of friends.

*knocks on Jeff's door* We're here!

nmua Here's a disguise you could use. No one would bother you in NYC if you wore that.

*rescinds cindy's invitation*

Wait.... which one's Peter, and which one is the starcatcher?

And B.M. is playing Wendy?

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