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January 31, 2011


Critics have dismissed the novelty condoms as "tasteless".

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well, you could taste them of course, but most people put them to other uses.

Here's a British take on the issue (so to speak).

It gives you a bigger (again, so to speak) view of the box.

F'ingham Palace.

will they be sold @ bj's or dicks?

These can be found in the area of 10 Going-Downing St.

Those crazy Brits!

This will be England's finest two minutes.


Y'mean they don't come in ... um ... they aren't OFFERED in raspberry?

I s'pose no Huckleberry, either ...

How would you like to be the person with that job? "Here, taste this." "Nope, this one has no taste at all."

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