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January 31, 2011


'The Beaver' Copy Stolen From Mel Gibson

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Too bad. It's a cinch he ain't getting any original beaver right now.

Ya just can't beat a good beaver. Oh, wait, nevermind...

I Know who took it! It was . . .

[Comment deleted for inappropriate, and very obvious, use of Beaver and Charlie Sheen in a sexual connotation.]

Mel is reduced to making beaver flicks already? That didn't take long.

That is gonna make Mel mad to the max!

Jodie Foster's Beaver is missing?

How is that even possible?

His Justin Bieber CD is missing??

Maybe someone is trying to save us from all the commercials that will be on tv for this movie when it's released. If so I wish them well.

I hear that in this movie, Mel is playing a disturbed man.
So, he's gotten typecast?

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