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January 30, 2011


Three-year-old suspended from Arlington preschool for too many potty accidents

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Future math professor?

Do you suppose nursing homes are going to try the same strategy?

Hey Wingnut! It was a long shift and I had been busy! Things do happen. Oh wait. You were talking about the patients in nursing homes. Never mind.

Did anyone check the link about potty-training infants?

Actually, Elon ... NO! I went thru the process of watchin' MB(FH?) potty-train our kids, and I'm simply NOT interested ...

HOWever, I'm thinkin' about our society, where "powers-that-be" are only interested in makin' toddlers (and old folks) conduct their micturition and evacuationalnessism on a "demand" basis ...

Sorry ... I don't think of this as "progress" ... merely sayin' ...

"After frantic calls, the parents found a spot for Zoe in a program that works with children who are being potty-trained."

I'll bet that's a load off their minds.

Schools would be better all around if they eliminated some of the grunt work.

Send her to Washington.

Never mind, she's already there.


Potty Manifesto sounds like a lotta crap to me.

"We told Zoe that we want her to go to a school where people aren't going to get mad at her for having accidents," Rosso said.

translation: it's okay to "have accidents" thus increasing the likelihood of such.

Methinks her parents are the ones who need to learn when to do the pushing and when to relax.

"Zoe, you need to make peepee in the potty, so Mommy can go back to work to pay the mortgage. No pressure or anything."

How about, "Zoe, you need to make peepee in the potty or Santa is going to repossess all your toys because we can't pay him. No pressure or anything." Annie, I think both those statements together would make Zoe think twice about wetting her pants. Of course it could also ruin Christmas for her.

There goes Harvard? Well, there's always Brown.....

Never irritate a pig. -- Homer Simpson.

Phew, just made it to the bathroom.

Public Service Announcement: Roger McGuinn is on PBS right this very minute.

Is he making pee pee, Guin?

Rarely is the question asked: Is our toddlers learning? Or, as the case may be, toilet trained?

Hello? I must be going...

*snork* at Meanie's "Brown" line

Potty Manifesto WBAGNFA David Spade-Rob Schneider movie.

Someone needs to do the potty dance.

One can hope that the Principal's future nursing home has the same policy.
Agreed that potty training is very individual. We had trouble with our oldest but I think our youngest was born potty trained.
Our four year-old grandson still has the rare accident.
I have vivid memories of my last "accident", asleep in bed. I was seven. We had spend a busy evening eating mucho watermelon. That night, about 3 a.m., a shark came out of a wave and got me....

Snork @ Punkin.

Some parents use that 'don't pressure' idea as an excuse not to deal with it. Zoe's mom was 'shocked'? That's b.s. Preschools have rules about this stuff - every incident is reported and logged (har). After 'x' number of incidents, the kid has to 'go.'
Zoe's gonna go thru school known as the kid whose mom sued so she could 'go' at school. Sure hope they have a savings account for therapy.

Pee-culiar story IMHO.

Pee's out!

There goes Harvard?
oh well...

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