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January 17, 2011


Fans outraged as Boston lacrosse game hosts halftime lap dance contest

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Why is this coming to us from Australia?

Because no one in the U.S. cared to report it.

Moral: If you're gonna have a lap dance outside the
strip club, make sure you invite everyone to participate either as dancer or as the sittee. That way, no one feels left out.

Better yet, cancel the stupid stunt before you do it.

Since when do juvenilles get to be D.J.'s?

Since when is there a National Lacrosse League?

Who knew?

Yeah, I'd be mad if someone interrupted my lap dance for the second half of a lacrosse game, too. Geez, just go finish up in the park, wouldja, I'm busy here!

People buy season tickets to lacrosse games?

"Barry Fans Outraged that Video is Not Available"...

So can you score from the crease?

Shocking, I say. Simply shocking.

I went to a strip joint for a lap dance the other day, and a lacrosse game broke out. Or something.

bonmot-only if there is high sticking

Why do I go to track meets? Two words: pole vault.

Well it is called box lacrosse for a reason.

To make it more family friendly, the next dance contest will instead be held in the lap of a clown.

I wonder if the Super Bowl is taking notes ? Nothing would amaze me anymore.

Dave may want to stay inside today. I hear there are tornado warnings in Fla. On the positive side that was not a bomb on the plane at the Miami International Airport and Construction Zone.

Lighten up. It's fri**in' lacrosse. Fer sure.

cindy, Dave's probably honoring Martin Luther King by watching that Walker, Texas Ranger marathon on Sleuth TV.

Nothing says Dr. King like Chuck Norris.

I agree,Jeff. I still don't know what Sleuth TV was thinking. For those of you who don't know, Sleuth TV is holding a Walker Texas Ranger MLK Marathon today. I'm not sure what the two have to do with each other.

"I have a kickass Dream!"

*wonders how this can be accomidated for hockey*

Not sure, Kibby. You could lap dance the goalie to distract him, but if you didn't have the puck, you'd be offsides. That's why flashing works better. Siouxie told me.

But if you didn't "work" for the team .... how could it be "offsides"?

If the lap dancer was offsides she was doing it wrong. Annie told me.

*fweeet!* "Holding" penilety on nursecindy - 5 yards!

The standards are lax in this sport.

Annie, there's a spirits proprietor in San Antonio called Bach's Licquor.

Is the team mascot still stuck inside his suit?

*snork* @ NotSherly.

it can't possibly have been any more offensive than the regular stripper-pole routines of the Marlins' Mermaids (so-called "dancers") - ugh. i can't even stand to go any more.

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