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January 31, 2011


An immigration officer was so sick of his wife that he put her on a terrorist watch list - ­so she couldn't get home from Pakistan.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Reminds me of how my first wife accused me of volunteering for arctic Alaska to get away from her and I wanted to kick myself for not thinking of it.

I'm sorry, but that's a good one.

3 years of quiet...followed by one hell of a beating.

One of the vendors was afraid that we were going to put his name on the list while he was in the air so he would end up in Cleveland trying to explain how he received the name "Boom Boom"

OK, so once when I was at TSC we were doing some testing and instead of entering a fake name such as "Mickey Mouse" or "Siouxie Banshee" a guy entered his own name, and accidentally assigned himself a VGTOF code of 1, which essentially means "shoot on site".

He drove very, very, carefully for a few days until we could get the records fixed.

...and then he woke up in his underpants on a freezing park bench, right wiredog?

Sight, not site. Although that is implied...

I'd guess this guy is going to sleep with one eye open for a long, long time, after he removes all sharp objects from the premises.

This guy either had a lot of guts or very little brain. I am guessing a mixture of both. He better be careful what he eats if the little lady is cooking for him. hahahhahaahha

He was FIRED? Guess there's no place in the government for creative problem-solvers.

Can we get Snooki on that list?

Snooki will be at the DC car show this afternoon. Like we haven't suffered enough.

...Tied down over the fender of a Jeep ?

No, Clank. Back seat with a ticket puncher.


Anything she does to him will still be less than he deserves. btw, I'm not talking about Snooki and the ticket puncher when I say that. The biggest mistake he made was he had fun without her.

He is my hero of the week.

This guy has elevated himself to Sainthood among married guys.

Snooki & the Ticket Puncher WBAGNFA P0rno.

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