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January 28, 2011


Floor pooper sentenced to jail

(Thanks to Poker)


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I've had Swedish food. Eight months isn't long enough.

Once when Jr. Coconuts #1 was two-and-a-half years old and in training pants, he deposited a couple of nuggets in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. His little legs were so skinny, I guess the nuggets just fell out of his pants. It was hilarious, but I was mortified, just the same. I rushed behind him with tissues from my purse, retrieved the nuggets and the kid, and raced to the bathroom. By then, he was done. It'll make a great story for his girlfriend next time I see her.....

He was Sweden's #2 most wanted criminal.

Grumpty Dumpty sat in the store,
Grumpty Dumpty shat on the floor.
All the king's counsel and all the king's men,
Told Grumpty Dumpty to sit in the pen.

Forecast for Sweden: Doody, with a chance of meatballs.

The Scatological Scandinavian.

Obviously, he was pi$$ed, among other things.

So they won't let him use their can, so he got tossed back in the can, where the other inmates are going to violate his can.

Marginally on topic: is there anyone out there who has or had small children who hasn't done the comedy act where you take your kids to a big-box home improvement store where toilets are sold and they.....?
I think most people know how this act ends.

S himself out of L.

*Snork* @ AWbh.

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