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January 30, 2011


Man stabbed with knife, robbed at gunpoint, locked in taxi boot, and bitten by two snakes at same time struck by lightning while on phone

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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I hate when that happens to me but, somehow, you just keep going.

Do NOT play the lottery.

If he's doing all this to get pain medication then he's nuts. He should do what a lot of my drug seeking patients used to do when coming to the ER. Claim they have a migraine. Then, to make sure you get what you want, tell the nurse you're allergic to ibuprofen, Tylenol, Celebrex, and codeine. Also, if it's 2 a.m. make sure to wear very dark sunglasses. If he's just this unlucky then I think he should buy a nice comfy chair, sit in it, and don't move.

This guy has chick magnet written all over him.

You mean _nobody_ thought of the "Oh no, not Agan" line for this one?

As insult to injury (literally), he no longer has any friends, for some reason.

cindy, you are so right. Jackie used to know a woman whose husband had a drug problem, i.e. he couldn't get enough of them legally. So they went to Dome Hepot (IYKWIM) and he had her push a pile of lumber on his head.


When the hospital was going to discharge him he asked her to come to the hospital with a hammer and hit him on the head (again, ISIANMTU). When Jackie asked what she did, she said "I did it."

Actually, when I first saw the headline I thought it was this story, but there was no lightning or snakes.

Is this guy advising Rahm Emanuel?

No hogatemysister, I think he's advising Dennis Kucinich about the olive pit of doom. Jeff, I wish a nurse had walked in while she was whacking her husband on the head with a hammer. They both would have been in the hospital then.

Time to live in the basement, work online, order everything in.

Bet he's currently married.


Now if he was "stabbed with knife, robbed at gunpoint, locked in taxi boot, and bitten by two snakes at same time struck by lightning while on phone" simultaneously it would be an interesting story.

Reminds me of a trip years ago where we cracked our windshield, lost travelers' checks, almost had a wheel fall off, had repeated problems with a dead car battery, had to evacuate our tent in the middle of the night, in a downpour, because it had 3 inches of water on the floor, and lost a sleeping bag off the luggage rack. My wife said "I bet you'll be glad to get home." I said "Glad? I'll be surprised!" Most miserable week ever.

Holiday Rooooooooooooads

Loudmouth, that's how I live, but I still have crappy days because I still have to WORK! Oh, and I guess I'll think of this guy when I start to complain...

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