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January 28, 2011


An Italian woman has asked for a separation after her husband brought his mother with them on honeymoon.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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she should've been suspicious when he said he was bringing along an old bag

That bride must have been raised overseas in a foreign culture somewhere, like France.

If you want to capture an Italian fugitive, just go to his mother's on Sunday night at dinner time, he'll be there. The only reason this doesn't work is that all the Italian cops are at Casa di Mama too.

She should be glad she did not marry one of us rednecks. Shoot we bring mama, pops, baby sister and old blue the hound dog.

He HAD to bring Mama; the umbilical cord wouldn't stretch that far.

I would have let her go on the honeymoon as long as she promised to go away after that. I've always heard to watch how a man treats his mother because that is how he will treat his wife If he didn't want to leave his sick mother then maybe she should have stuck around. He sounds like a nice guy.

We couldn't afford a honeymoon because we had just bought a new home, so we figured we'd honeymoon in our new house. My ex invited his entire family to stay with us IN THE HOUSE before, during, and after the wedding. They stayed until the leftovers from the reception were gone, even eating the slice of wedding cake I had put in the freezer for our first year anniversary.

He seemed like a nice guy, too, when I met him. Ugh!

Annie, I'm sure the rose garden where you buried him is looking lovely this time of year.

Mamma Mia!

Recycling exes for a greener tomorrow. ;)


When I got married we had to lock our doors to keep my mother from barging in unnanounced after one episode where I had to hold the bedroom door shut to keep her from getting in. We've had dead bolts ever since.

Sounds like Norman Bates is back in business.

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