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January 30, 2011


Motorist pictured hooked up to IV

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He probably had been discharged from a hospital and the nurse forgot to take it out. I had several patients come in the the ER over the years with I.V.'s still in because the nurse forgot to take it out. However, none of them were still connected to the I.V. bottle. I also had several come in with telemetry units still attached. Hey! We nurses are people too! I tried to come home one day with a cute intern still attached but he got away.

low bridge, low BRIDGE, LOW BRIDGE, ohhh sorry dude.

These drive-thru urgent care places are something, aren't they?

He's an ocean or two away, Dave, wouldn't worry too much.

And us USA folks think we have to multitask at the hospital..... is this the wave of Obama care,starting in China?

Yabbut does it get FM?

He's a drip. Really stuck up. In the bag. Surprised it wasn't on YouTube.

With the traffic, who can blame him for a little tranquilizer?

Doesn't everyone take their morning caffeine this way?

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