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January 28, 2011


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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LADIES: Feel free to click!

Siouxie, I bet he's single.

Reminds me. Does anyone have tickets they are not using to the Bank Atlantic center in Miami tonight? I am desperate to get some.

"soft crotch Kung Fu which was also said to be good for improving the man's sex life." ???
I guess if you're a monk, you take what you can get.

As a hard crotch Kung fu master, One must master one's cremaster, or face disaster.

Bang Wong Oh, from Korean, right?

Can you say eunuch?

EyeGore: I think its spelled UNIX.

Very interesting story. I think all the blog guys would enjoy reading this. Feel free to click guys. Really! In fact while reading it you may find that you too can make your man jewels retract!

If THAT improves your sex life, you need a better choice of partners.

Just imagine the first time this happened: he gets off the floor and says, "Hey! I can make a living at this, being a poor monk and all."

Man, you have to have some cojones to try this. Oh, wait...

Joe Hull?

Kung Fool Kung FU

There are many paths to Enlightenment. I'm thinking Alternate Route.

I'm surprised a monk knows how to do this. For married guys, it's a matter of survival.

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