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January 31, 2011


A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly purchased 500 illegal cockroaches through the Internet, officials said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Stick to purchasing LEGAL cockroaches!

Stick to getting them the old fashioned way. Crumbs.

Maybe he misunderstood the whole 'smoking a roach' thing.

Does he have 500 clips?

"I got busted for grand-theft-auto, arson, resisting arrest, and assault on 3 police officers, with destruction of property. What are you in here for...?"

Exactly my thought, Allen.

Shoddy reporting. What happened to the nasty critters?

(sitting here nervously in Fort Myers)

Selling cockroaches in Florida is like selling refrigerators to eskimos.

Hey, c'mon, people. These were gourmet cockroaches. They appear only at your finer restaurants.

I'll pass on the gourmet cockroaches.

had no idea there were legal cockroaches.

queenie, lawyers.


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